Child Welfare

Important Contacts

County Children’s Officer: 

Celia Rattigan

Castlebar Mitchels Children’s Officer

Eilis Keane - 087 6755102

Bord na nÓg Child Protection Officer: 


Bord na nÓg Assistant Child Protection Officer: 

Pat McDonnell - 087 4158526

Bord na nÓg Children's Liaison Officer: 

John McDonnell - 087 2908127 

Coaching & Qualifications

There are 3 parts to becoming a qualified GAA coach:

  1. Complete GAA Vetting
  2. Complete Child Safeguarding1 Course
  3. Online Refresher Safeguarding 1
  4. Complete Foundation Award Coaching Course

1. GAA Vetting 

Vetting is completed via the Foireann App. There are 2 parts to the application. The process can take 1 month and the certification lasts for 3 years. Please follow the step-by-step instructions via this link VETTING

2. Child Safeguarding

Child Safeguarding Training is highlighted in Children First as being mandatory and is required for the level of child safeguarding engagement one has in the Club. All coaches must complete a face-to-face workshop that normally lasts 2/3hours. Certification lasts for 3 years. For more information on Child Safeguarding & Protection

3. Online Refresher Safeguarding 1 

The Refresher Safeguarding 1 allows coaches and other volunteers who have already attended a full face to face Safeguarding 1 session in the past 3 years to refresh the course online. Certification lasts 3 years.

4. Foundation Award Coaching Course

Coaching courses are organised at the start of the season. Please contact Declan Shaw, Games & Coaching Officer, Castlebar Mitchels - 087 9620189


1. Castlebar Mitchels Safeguarding Statement

2. GAA Tackling Bullying Presentation

.Social Media Policy

4. Code-of-Behaviour-Underage

5. Risk Assessment Safeguarding Statement