October 16, 2018

The Government have announced that Ireland will be completely smoke-free by 2025. Castlebar Mitchels GAA Club are becoming leaders in this space by setting a positive example for all it’s members.  

Smoke-Free means no smoking on the entire club grounds.


 Said Castlebar Mitchels Chairman Finian Joyce:

“The Club Executive have now adopted a “Smoke-Free Policy”.          

We want to set a positive example for all our members and de-normalise any association between the GAA and tobacco usage. We want to protect our members, visitors and volunteers from the dangers of tobacco and second-hand smoke exposure, and reduce the initiation of smoking amongst young people in particular. We want to create an awareness about our club being a hub for healthy living.”


Survey results show: of every 100 members in a club, 19 are smokers, and half of those 19 will die from smoking related conditions.


Quoting a mother of an underage club member:

“I just don’t think it’s fair that I could be watching a game and someone could light up a cigarette beside me and send smoke over the dug-outs,” she said. “We want to encourage a healthy lifestyle and this is one way of doing that. It’s not about being anti-smoker either. Smokers will have to go outside the gate and I’m hoping it will discourage others, especially our younger members, from taking up the habit and perhaps help some to give up smoking altogether.”


Both indoor and outdoor Non-Smoking signs, which are bilingual, are now being erected at Castlebar Mitchels grounds.

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